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obraz o obrazach - 2018 -[Autor] - Obraz, 2018, akryl olej papier plotno, 92x65cm - [fot A


"Osiowski’s concentration on the physicality of a painting was culminated in the series Paintings on Paintings [alternatively: Images on Images], also titled Art on Art. The series stands out from his body of work as the paintings do not rely on any outside inspiration, they do not look for iconographic references to other fields of art, literature, music, or cinema, and they do not draw on signs from the pop-culture reserve. They give an impression that the painter had suspended his personality and experience for their creation, or at least had put them aside. The minimalist works focus on the artist’s gesture and the preceding decisions about technique. They seem unfinished. Yet, it is precisely thanks to this austere form that they expose the individual choices faced by the artist in his work".

Katarzyna Piskorz, excerpts from the catalog accompanying the exhibition "Art on Art" 

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