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Marcin Osiowski (b. 1957, Warsaw)

Painter, graphic artist, creator of installation art, author of critical texts and poems which have also fuelled his performative actions. 

Osiowski began his studies at Warsaw University of Technology’s Faculty of Architecture which he continued intermittently until 1986. In the late 1970s, he left for London where he worked as an interior designer. At the introduction of martial law in Poland in 1981, he found himself in Antwerp, where he audited lectures at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts (1982 – 1984). Starting in 1982, he presented his works at individual exhibitions in Belgium and Luxembourg. In 1986, he began a collaboration with the Astel Gallery in Copenhagen. At that time, he initiated interdisciplinary experiments with the avant-garde composer Olga Magieres from the Skræp group.

Apart from sporadic activities undertaken with artists from Switzerland and Great Britain, he works with Ryszard Grzyb, member of the legendary Gruppa. Starting in 2002, they jointly created paintings presented within exhibitions entitled Oba at Królikarnia (Warsaw), Arsenał (Poznań), and Program, Promocyjna and HOS galleries (Warsaw).

In 2018 with film director and composer Antoni Gustowski and painter Julia Słonecka, he founded the open artistic group #grupawolno. Currently, Osiowski lives and works in Warsaw


photo by Anna Zagrodzka

selected individual exhibitions:

- "This Is Not a Flag", MYSIA 3 (2021)


- "Them", MYSIA 3 (2021)


- “Art on Art”, HOS Gallery, Warsaw (2019)


- Galerie Astell, Kopenhagen (1986 - 1991)
- Pavillon, Galerie Astell, Frederiksberg Have (1988)
- Rozenhof, Antwerp (1983 - 1985)
- Pallieterhoeve, Antwerp (1982)

selected group exhibitions: 

- “Nic nie widzicie nic nie rozumiecie” (Eng. “You See Nothing, Understand Nothing”) (“50 plus”), #grupawolno, Galeria Kuratorium, Warsaw (2019)


- “Dojenie van Gogha” (Eng. “The Milking of Van Gogh”), #grupawolno, HOS Gallery, Warsaw (2018)


- “Malewicz w Polsce” (Eng. “Malevich in Poland”), Galeria Arsenał, Bialystok (2004)
-  exhibition “2b”, Zakłady Norblina, Warsaw (2003)

coopration with Ryszard Grzyb (OBA):

- “Biorę piękne zdanie do buzi i ssę je jak cukierek” (Eng. “I Pop a Beautiful Sentence Into My Mouth and Suck It Like a Fruit Drop”, HOS Gallery, Warsaw (2019)


- “Pierwszy dzień wiosny” (Eng. “First Day of Spring”), Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań (2004)
- “Druga rasa: malarstwo” (Eng. “The Second Race: Paitning”), Galeria Promocyjna, Warsaw (2003)
- “OBA. Piękna dezynwoltura, my oba to trzecia osoba” (Eng. OBA Beautiful Dwe, Both We Are the Third Person”, Galeria Program, Warsaw 2003  | The Xawery Dunikowski Museum od Sculpture, Warsaw (2003)


OBA, okładka.jpg
ART, okładka.jpg

"OBA Beautiful Dwe, Both We Are the Third Person", exhibition catalogue, Warsaw 2003

number of pages: 72

language: Polish, English, French, German

"I Pop a Beautiful Sentence Into My Mouth and Suck  It Like a Fruit Drop."", exhibition catalogue, Warsaw 2019

number of pages: 63

language: Polish, English

"Art on Art", exhibition catalogue, Warsaw 2019

number of pages: 146 

language: Polish, English

katalog, flaga.jpg

"This Is Not a Flag", exhibition catalogue, Warsaw 2021

number of pages: 146 

language: Polish, English, German, French

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