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#grupawolno is an open formula of artists' cooperation. It was created as a result of a meeting in April 2018 in the studio of Marcin Osiowski with young generation painter Julia Słonecka and Antoni Gustowski, composer, singer, director and interpreter of French poetry.

“How we paint with Julia – since they’re asking … [We] are painting a fridge instruction manual because we’ve agreed that a painting can be painted for any reason. And since they brought in the fridge, why not? A matchbox? That’s good, too. Especially if there’s a stain that resembles a round shadow at a graveside scene; the shadow and the ba of the deceased, or other shapes at the feet of Goddess Nut emerging from a sycamore tree in order to feed the deceased and his ba. What is ba? It is the soul, in our terms, just like ka and ach, with the difference that ba can take any form, e.g. a bird with a human head, and ka is always depicted as a human being, or rather in the form of a human being because it isn’t one. The Goddess Nut, whose form of the Cosmic Cow is of no interest to us at this point, was mainly tasked with supporting the sky, and with that we are satisfied. Similarly, we are interested in ka; not only is it presented in the form of a human, but it is also a spiritual element which accompanies a person from birth. It is a perfect, faultless model in which our good characteristics and vital energy are concentrated. Some perceive this as the origin of Plato’s Idea – and this leads us (via a straight path) to mimesis, but before we get there, we dive into Heliopolitan theology. We see the great, even fundamental significance of a name. It determines the individuality of a person, his existence. We create something by naming it and conversely – we destroy by destroying the name. Does this ring a bell? Erase someone with a rubber? Stamp someone over? Delete from history and replace with one’s own self?”

Marcin Osiowski, notes (excerpts) 

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