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"Them" by Marcin Osiowski - the opening night and the disscussion

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The project "They" is the artist's personal commentary on the escalating tensions and internal crises and the resulting disagreements and polarization.

“The Polish viewer has seen these faces on the news a thousand times. Their household names should be retrieved from memory instantaneously.

Still, even for Poles, the giant set of standardized photographs may cause initial confusion before they discern individual faces. Three mirror panels stand out. Here, the moment of recognition comes instantaneously: it is me.

In his work on group identity, the perils of pronouns, the dangers of divisions and the painfully impossible attempts to transcend them, Marcin Osiowski once again uses the tools of aesthetics to operate on the field of politics. And once again, he has invited artists of the young generation: performer Klaudia Szott and director Antoni Gustowski to collaborate with him. […] Osiowski turns the “us and them” division around. He shows how it is natural, obvious and material as well as relative, absurd and discursive at the same time. But is it possible to build human identity without it? Can it and should it be transcended? And if not through party politics, then perhaps through political aesthetics?”

excerpts from the text by the curator Aleksandra Paszkowska; entire text available HERE

photos by Adam Gut

Part of the project is a discussion with Katarzyna Grochola and Mamadou Diouf). Event starts at 4:00 PM.

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